Springfield Township

Delaware County, PA


Residential Recycling

Springfield Township is a leader in recycling in Pennsylvania. This can be attributed to the conscientious effort of many of the residents of Springfield. Every week, mixed papers and commingled materials (including glass, steel, aluminum, plastics # 1 through 7) are picked up at curbside. The containers that hold the recyclables are available, free of charge, at the Township or Public Works Buildings. Commingled recyclables go to Blue Mountain/Re-community Recycling and newspapers go to Smurfit-Stone.


Recyclables will be picked up once per week on your recycling day.  Recyclables should be put out to the curb the evening before your collection day or before 7:00a.m. 

Commercial Recycling

The owners and/or occupants of commercial, municipal, and institutional buildings shall be responsible for the separation, storage, and collection of recyclable material. At a minimum, the following materials shall be separated and recycled: mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastics# 1 through 7 and leaf waste. A recycling report detailing the tonnage of material collected will be required to be submitted annually to Springfield Township.

Battery Recycling

For battery recycling, there are many places you can take your used batteries throughout Delaware County. 

Several stores in our area that will take them are:

  • Best Buy, Baltimore Pike 
  • Target, Baltimore Pike 
  • Radio Shack, Baltimore Pike
  • Home Depot, Baltimore Pike, Clifton Heights
  • Home Depot, Reed Road, Broomall

For more information, call 1-800-822-8837 or visit the  Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation website at


Cell Phones

Bring your cell phones to the township building for recycling. there will be a bin in the township building lobby. The phones will be taken to the county and disposed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Free Mulch Available

Made from recycled leaves/yard waste, is available to Delaware County residents. Bring a shovel & container & help yourself to this rich, dark compost at the Marple Transfer Station, Marpit Drive & Sussex Blvd in Broomall. The site is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM-3:45 PM & Saturdays/Sundays between 8:30 AM-1:30 PM. For more information, contact Sue Cordes, Del Co Solid Waste Authority, at 610-892-9627. 

PLEASE NOTE: Compost is not available to businesses & or landscapers.

Recycle Your Brush

The Public Works Department will be picking up brush every third Wednesday of each month from June to September. You must call 610-543-2837 to schedule your brush pick up with the Public Works Department. 

The brush has to be tied and bundled not to exceed 3' in length and not more than 2' thick before being placed for collection. Branches may not exceed 8" in width and bundles may not exceed 40 pounds in weight. The brush is to be placed curbside. The brush will be taken to the Delaware County Recycling Center.

Jeffrey Bickel

Burt Lawley
Asst. Superintendent

Leaf Burning Prohibited

Leaf burning is prohibited in Springfield. Please rake your leaves to a position inside the sidewalk. Do not rake the leaves past the sidewalk to the curb where they will clog the gutters and storm drains.

Leaves can be raked as illustrated or composted in your back yard. The schedule for leaf collection will be published in the Springfield Press and shown on Springfield’s Cable TV Channel.

After the scheduled collection period has passed, leaves may be bagged and put out on your regular trash days.

Thank You For Your Cooperation

By actively participating in the recycling program, you are helping to increase state grant money, which supports our recycling program.

On a larger scale, you are participating in an effort to improve the community in which we live. Please continue to REDUCE, REUSE AND

RECYCLE AS MANY MATERIALS AS POSSIBLE. Thank you to all residents for your cooperation. If you have questions about how to dispose of a particular item, please call Lori Devlin, 610.544.1300.

For other environmental inquiries, please contact The Pennsylvania Resource Council at 610-353-5199.