Springfield Township,
Delaware County

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Due to the Christmas Day and New Years Day Holidays on Thursday, December 25th and January 1st, 2015, trash and recycling will not be collected. Trash normally collected on Mondays and Thursdays will only be collected on Monday, December 22nd of that week and Monday, December 29th of that week. Recycling will be collected the following day, Friday, December 26th and Friday, January 2nd, 2015.

Santa Claus Ice Skating

The Holiday Schedule for the Springfield Ice Rink is as follows: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day CLOSED Merry Christmas, Friday, December 26th, Saturday, 27th, Sunday, 28th, Monday, 29th, Tuesday 30th, SKATING 2:00 to 3:40pm and 8:00 to 9:40pm. Admission $5.00 Skates $2.00. No Public Skating on New Years Eve and New Years Day. The Snack Bar and Game Room will be open.

Residents are reminded of the proper placement of raked leaves for the fall season. Leaves are to be placed on the lawn side of the sidewalk. See photo. This is to avoid leaves clogging storm drains, causing slippery roads and creating narrow roadways. Leaves will be picked up by Springfield Public Works following the posted schedule. Leaves can also be bagged and placed out for normal trash pick up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Code Red
Rapid Emergency Notification System - Register Now

September is National Preparedness Month.  Any citizen wishing to register for the system or who does not currently receive messages needs to update their registration and can do so at then click on the CodeRED link.  

For those without computer access registration may be completed by contacting Springfield Township  at: (610) 544-1300.

Here are the most common questions about CodeRED:

I received a CodeRED call; does that mean I am in the CodeRED database?
Yes.  If they would like to submit additional information, such as cell phone numbers, text and email information, they must visit your website and click on the Logo.   CodeRED always de-duplicates by phone number, so if they are unsure if they are registered, they should just submit their information again. This will ensure they are in the database!

Why did CodeRED call me several times?  If there is no answer and they do not have an answering device, the number will be attempted up to 3 times. 

It called me but no message played. If they answer and do not say hello, CodeRED will not begin playing automatically. It is trying to determine if it has reached a live person or answering device. If they do not say anything, it will hang up and retry the number in the next pass of the non-connected numbers.

Why did it leave only part of the message on my answering machine?
CodeRED will leave a message on an answering device. There are many different brands and types of capturing devices for leaving a message. Occasionally something about the answering device or the beep of the device causes the system to think it has reached a live person and begins playing the message. When the message is left, it only leaves part of the message. They can call back the 866-419-5000 and receive the entire message.
This does not happen often. There is a chance that they may get a few of these.

Why does my phone ring once and hang up? It has called me twice and won’t let me answer it.  If they have a ring back tone, which plays a song instead of ringing, the system will interpret this as an Operator Intercept and hang up, only to retry the number. They have two options. They can remove the ring back tone or they can contact their cell phone provider and request that the phone number for the general database 855-969-4636 and for the emergency database 866-419-5000 and for CodeRED Weather Warning 800-366-9780 bypassed by this feature and have it ring normal.

Township Manager

J. Lee Fulton
50 Powell Road
Springfield, PA 19064