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Springfield Township

Delaware County

Archived Minutes

Board Commissioners

AgendaAgenda LinkMinutesMinutes Link
Agenda for 1-7-2008DownloadMinutes for Re-org. 1-7-2008Download
Agenda for 2-12-2008DownloadMinutes for 1-7-2008Download
Agenda for 3-11-2008DownloadMinutes for 2-12-2008Download
Agenda for 4-8-2008DownloadMinutes for 3-11-2008Download
Agenda for 5-13-2008DownloadMinutes for 4-8-2008Download
Agenda for 6-10-2008DownloadMinutes for 5-13-2008Download
Agenda for 7-8-2008DownloadMinutes for 5-27-2008Download
Agenda for 8-12-2008DownloadMinutes for 6-10-2008Download
Agenda for 9-9-2008DownloadMinutes for 7-8-2008Download
Agenda for 10-14-2008DownloadMinutes for 8-12-2008Download
Agenda for 11-12-2008DownloadMinutes for 9-9-2008Download
Agenda for 12-9-2008DownloadMinutes for 10-14-2008Download
Agenda for 1-13-2009DownloadMinutes for 11-12-2008Download
Agenda for 2-10-2009DownloadMinutes for 11-25-2008Download
Agenda for 3-10-2009DownloadMinutes for 12-09-2008Download
Agenda for 4-14-2009DownloadMinutes for 12-16-2008Download
Agenda for 5-12-2009DownloadMinutes for 1-13-2009Download
Agenda for 6-9-2009DownloadMinutes for 1-20-2009Download
Agenda for 7-14-2009DownloadMinutes for 2-10-2009Download
Agenda for 8-11-2009DownloadMinutes for 3-10-2009Download
Agenda for 9-8-2009DownloadMinutes for 4-14-2009Download
Agenda for 10-13-2009DownloadMinutes for 5-12-2009Download
Agenda for 11-10-2009DownloadMinutes for 6-9-2009Download
Agenda for 12-8-2009DownloadMinutes for 7-14-2009Download
Agenda for 1-12-2010DownloadMinutes for 8-11-2009Download
Agenda for 2-9-2010DownloadMinutes for 9-8-2009Download
Agenda for 3-9-2010DownloadMinutes for 10-13-2009Download
Agenda for 4-13-2010DownloadMinutes for 11-10-2009Download
Agenda for 5-11-2010DownloadMinutes for Budget 11-17-2009Download
Agenda for 6-8-2010DownloadMinutes for Zoning 11-17-2009Download
Agenda for 7-13-2010DownloadMinutes for 12-8-2009Download
Agenda for 8-10-2010DownloadMinutes for Budget 12-15-2009Download
Agenda for 9-14-2010DownloadMinutes for Re-org. 1-4-2010Download
Agenda for 10-12-2010DownloadMinutes for 1-12-2010Download
Agenda for 11-9-2010DownloadMinutes for 2-9-2010Download
Agenda for 12-14-2010DownloadMinutes for 3-9-2010Download
Agenda for 1-11-2011DownloadMinutes for Zoning 3-22-2010Download
Agenda for 2-8-2011DownloadMinutes for 4-13-2010Download
Agenda for 3-8-2011DownloadMinutes for 5-11-2010Download
Agenda for 4-12-2011DownloadMinutes for 6-8-2010Download
Agenda for 5-10-2011DownloadMinutes for 7-13-2010Download
Agenda for 6-14-2011DownloadMinutes for 8-10-2010Download
Agenda for 7-12-2011DownloadMinutes for 9-14-2010Download
Agenda for 8-9-2011DownloadMinutes for 10-12-2010Download
Agenda for 9-13-2011DownloadMinutes for 11-9-2010Download
Agenda for 10-11-2011DownloadMinutes for 11-22-2010Download
Agenda for 11-9-2011DownloadMinutes for 12-14-2010Download
Agenda for 12-13-2011DownloadMinutes for 1-11-2011Download
Agenda for 12-27-2011DownloadMinutes for 2--8-2011Download
Agenda for 1-3-2012DownloadMinutes for 3-8-2011Download
Agenda for 1-10-2012DownloadMinutes for 4-12-2011Download
Agenda for 2-14-2012DownloadMinutes for 5-10-2011Download
Agenda for 3-13-2012DownloadMinutes for 6-14-2011Download
Agenda for 4-10-2012DownloadMinutes for 7-12-2011Download
Agenda for 8-9-2011DownloadMinutes for 8-9-2011Download
Agenda for 9-13-2011DownloadMinutes for 9-13-2011Download
Agenda for 10-11-2011DownloadMinutes for 10-11-2011Download
Agenda for 11-9-2011DownloadMinutes for 11-9-2011Download
Agenda for 12-13-2011DownloadMinutes for 12-13-2011Download
Agenda for 12-27-2011DownloadMinutes for 12-27-2011Download
Agenda for 1-3-2012DownloadMinutes for 1-3-2012Download
Agenda for 1-10-2012DownloadMinutes for 1-10-2012Download
Agenda for 2-14-2012DownloadMinutes for 2-14-2012Download
Agenda for 03-13-2012DownloadMinutes for 03-13-2012Download
Agenda for 04-10-2012DownloadMinutes for 04-10-2012Download
Agenda for 05-08-2012DownloadMinutes for 05-08-2012Download
Agenda for 06-12-2012DownloadMinutes for 06-12-2012Download
Agenda for 07-10-2012DownloadMinutes for 07-10-2012Download
Agenda for 08-14-2012DownloadMinutes for 08-14-2012Download
Agenda for 09-11-2012DownloadMinutes for 09-11-2012Download
Agenda for 10-09-2012DownloadMinutes for 10-09-2012Download
Agenda for 11-13-2012DownloadMinutes for 11-13-2012Download
Agenda for 11-27-2012Download Minutes for 11-27-2012Download
Agenda for 12-11-2012DownloadMinutes for 12-11-2012Download
Agenda for 12-18-2012DownloadMinutes for 12-18-2012Download
Agenda for 01-08-2013DownloadMinutes for 01-08-2013Download
Agenda for 02-12-2013DownloadMinutes for 02-12-2013Download
Agenda for 03-12-2013DownloadMinutes for 03-12-2013Download
Agenda for 04-09-2013DownloadMinutes for 04-09-2013Download
Agenda for 05-14-2013DownloadMinutes for 05-14-2013Download
Agenda for 06-11-2013DownloadMinutes for 06-11-2013Download
Agenda for 07-09-2013DownloadMinutes for 07-09-2013Download
Agenda for 08-13-2013DownloadMinutes for 08-13-2013Download
Agenda for 09-10-2013DownloadMinutes for 09-10-2013Download
Agenda for 10-08-2013DownloadMinutes for 10-08-2013Download
Agenda for 11-12-2013DownloadMinutes for 11-12-2013Download
Agenda for 12-10-2013DownloadMinutes for 12-10-2013Download
Agenda for 01-06-2014DownloadMinutes for 01-06-2014Download
Agenda for 01-14-2014DownloadMinutes for 01-14-2014Download
Agenda for 02-11-2014DownloadMinutes for 02-11-2014Download
Agenda for 03-11-2014DownloadMinutes for 03-11-2014Download
Agenda for 04-08-2014DownloadMinutes for 04-08-2014Download
Agenda for 05-13-2014DownloadMinutes for 05-13-2014Download
Agenda for 06-10-2014DownloadMinutes for 06-10-2014Download
Agenda for 07-08-2014DownloadMinutes for 07-08-2014Download
Agenda for 08-12-2014DownloadMinutes for 08-12-2014Download
Agenda for 09-09-2014DownloadMinutes for 09-09-2014Download
Agenda for 10-14-2014DownloadMinutes for 10-14-2014Download
Agenda for 11-12-2014DownloadMinutes for 11-12-2014Download
Agenda for 12-09-2014DownloadMinutes for 12-09-2014Download
Agenda for 01-13-2015DownloadMinutes for 01-13-2015Download
Agenda for 02-10-2015DownloadMinutes for 02-10-2015Download
Agenda for 03-10-2015DownloadMinutes for 03-10-2015Download
Agenda for 04-14-2015DownloadMinutes for 04-14-2015Download
Agenda for 05-12-2015DownloadMinutes for 05-12-2015Download
Agenda for 06-09-2015DownloadMinutes for 06-09-2015Download
Agenda for 07-14-2015DownloadMinutes for 07-14-2015Download
Agenda for 08-11-2015DownloadMinutes for 08-11-2015Download
Agenda for 09-08-2015DownloadMinutes for 09-08-2015Download
Agenda for 10-13-2015DownloadMinutes for 10-13-2015Download
Agenda for 11-10-2015DownloadMinutes for 11-10-2015Download
Agenda for 1-4-2016DownloadMinutes for 1-4-2016Download
Agenda for 1-12-2016DownloadMinutes for 1-12-2016Download
Agenda for 2-9-2016DownloadMinutes for 2-9-2016Download
Agenda for 3-8-2016DownloadMinutes for 3-8-2016Download
Agenda for 4-12-2016DownloadMinutes for 4-12-2016Download
Agenda for 5-10-2016DownloadMinutes for 5-10-2016Download
Agenda for 6-14-2016DownloadMinutes for 6-14-2016Download
Agenda for 7-12-2016DownloadMinutes for 7-12-2016Download
Agenda for 8-9-2016DownloadMinutes for 8-9-2016Download
Agenda for 9-13-2016DownloadMinutes for 9-13-2016Download
Agenda for 10-11-2016DownloadMinutes for 10-11-2016Download
Agenda for 11-9-2016DownloadMinutes for 11-9-2016Download
No Agenda for 11-15-2016 No AgendaMinutes for 11-15-2016Download
Agenda for 12-13-2016DownloadMinutes for 12-13-2016Download

Planning Commission

AgendaAgenda LinkMinutesMinutes Link
Agenda for 2-7-08DownloadMinutes for 2-7-2008Download
Agenda for 2-21-08DownloadMinutes for 2-21-2008Download
Agenda for 3-6-2008DownloadMinutes for 3-6-2008Download
Agenda for 4-3-2008DownloadMinutes for 4-3-2008Download
Agenda for 4-7-2008DownloadMinutes for 4-7-2008Download
Agenda for 5-1-2008DownloadMinutes for 5-1-2008Download
Agenda for 6-5-2008DownloadMinutes for 6-5-2008Download
Agenda for 10-2-2008DownloadMinutes for 10-2-2008Download
Agenda for 11-6-2008DownloadMinutes for 11-6-2008No Data
Agenda for 1-8-2009DownloadMinutes for 1-8-2009Download
Agenda for 2-5-2009DownloadMinutes for 2-5-2009Download
Agenda for 4-2-2009DownloadMinutes for 4-2-2009Download
Agenda for 5-7-2009DownloadMinutes for 5-7-2009Download
Agenda for 6-4-2009DownloadMinutes for 6-4-2009Download
Agenda for 9-3-2009DownloadMinutes for 9-3-2009No Data
Agenda for 10-1-2009DownloadMinutes for 10-1-2009Download
Agenda for 11-5-2009DownloadMinutes for 11-5-2009Download
Agenda for 12-3-2009DownloadMinutes for 12-3-2009Download
Agenda for 1-7-2010DownloadMinutes for 1-7-2010Download
Agenda for 3-4-2010DownloadMinutes for 3-4-2010Download
Agenda for 6-3-2010DownloadMinutes for 6-3-2010Download
Agenda for 9-2-2010DownloadMinutes for 9-2-2010No Data
Agenda for 10-7-2010DownloadMinutes for 10-7-2010Download
Agenda for 11-4-2010DownloadMinutes for 11-4-2010Download
Agenda for 3-3-2011DownloadMinutes for 3-3-2011Download
Agenda for 7-7-2011DownloadMinutes for 7-7-2011Download
Agenda for 8-4-2011DownloadMinutes for 8-4-2011Download
Agenda for 9-1-2011DownloadMinutes for 9-1-2011Download
Agenda for 10-6-2011DownloadMinutes for 10-6-2011Download
Agenda for 12-1-2011DownloadMinutes for 12-1-2011Download
Agenda for 3-1-2012DownloadMinutes for 3-1-2012Download
Agenda for 5-3-2012DownloadMinutes for 5-3-2012Download
Agenda for 6-7-2012DownloadMinutes for 6-7-2012Download
Agenda for 6-21-2012DownloadMinutes for 6-21-2012Download
Agenda for 7-26-2012DownloadMinutes for 7-26-2012Download
Agenda for 12-6-2012DownloadMinutes for 12-6-2012Download
Agenda for 1-3-2013DownloadMinutes for 1-3-2013Download
Agenda for 2-7-2013DownloadMinutes for 2-7-2013Download
Agenda for 5-2-2013DownloadMinutes for 5-2-2013Download
Agenda for 6-6-2013DownloadMinutes for 6-6-2013Download
Agenda for 7-11-2013DownloadMinutes for 7-11-2013No Data
Agenda for 12-5-2013DownloadMinutes for 12-5-2013No Data
Agenda for 3-6-2014DownloadMinutes for 3-6-2014Download
Agenda for 4-3-2014DownloadMinutes for 4-3-2014No Data
Agenda for 5-1-2014No DataMinutes for 5-1-2014Download
Agenda for 6-26-2014No DataMinutes for 6-26-2014Download
Agenda for 7-31-2014DownloadMinutes for 7-31-2014Download
Agenda for 9-4-2014DownloadMinutes for 9-4-2014Download
Agenda for 4-2-2015DownloadMinutes for 4-2-2015Download
Agenda for 7-9-2015DownloadMinutes for 7-9-2015Download
Agenda for 9-2-2015DownloadMinutes for 9-2-2015Download
Agenda for 10-1-2015DownloadMinutes for 10-1-2015Download
Agenda for 2-4-2016DownloadMinutes for 2-4-2016Download
Agenda for 3-3-2016No DataMinutes for 3-3-2016Download
Agenda for 4-7-2016DownloadMinutes for 4-7-2016Download
Agenda for 6-2-2016DownloadMinutes for 6-2-2016Download
Agenda for 8-4-2016No DataMinutes for 8-4-2016Download
Agenda for 9-1-2016No DataMinutes for 9-1-2016Download
Agenda for 11-3-2016DownloadMinutes for 11-3-2016Download
Agenda for 11-10-2016DownloadMinutes for 11-10-2016Download

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