Township Administration

License & Inspections

Springfield Township

Delaware County, PA

Township Code & Permit Highlights

Subjects of Interest to Residents

NOTE: The highlights on this page are for informative purposes only.
Chapter 134
Uniformed Construction Code
Sec. 1.10 & 11
Provides for fines for Township Code Violations
Chapter 138
Vehicle and traffic violation fines.
Sec. 143-135.A
Provides for civil judgments for zoning ordinance violations.
Sec. 143.108(B)
Controls height of shrubbery or other objects at street intersections to 18 inches maximum.
Sec. 82.2
Requires conspicuous display of house numbers. Numbers must be at least 3-1/2 inches high. Also refers to commercial establishments, office buildings, etc.
Chapter 36
Prohibits dogs from running at large at any time. Dogs being walked must be on a leash. Droppings must be collected and disposed of sanitarily. All dogs must be inoculated against rabies and must wear a current tag.
Sec. 79-6A(11)
Requires cutting of grass, weeds and scrub growth in excess of 8 inches.
Sec. 120.6
Requires snow removal from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall.
Sec. 36.21-23
Responsibility of owners keeping cats.
Sec. 45.13
Requires cutting of grass, weeds and shrub growth in excess of eight inches.
Sec. 120.6
Requires snow removal from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall.
Sec. 54.3(B) 5&6
Refuse containers and containers for recycling shall not be set out prior to sundown of the day before collection. Emptied containers must be removed from the street side of the premises within twelve hours after they have been emptied.
Sec 143.105
Regulates height of fences and walls to six feet, except for a retaining wall or a permitted wall of a building.
Sec. 120AC& Sec. 120-2
Requires property owners to maintain their sidewalks and curbs in a condition free of defects. Handicap ramps are required when constructing or reconstructing a curb
Sec. 45.11
Bans oulioor burning, except for charcoal cooking.
Sec. 143-9
Defines what is a commercial vehicle.
Sec. 138.27
Prohibits parking of commercial vehicles on streets from 7:00P.M. to 7:00 A.M.
Chapter 65
Requires all vendors and solicitors to be licensed.
Sec. 62.1
Prohibits handbills and posters on trees, poles, fences and automobiles.
Chapter 31
Requires all contractors to be licensed on an annual basis.
Chapter 143
Zoning Code.
Chapter 77
Anti noise provision – Established noise levels and limits or prohibits noise. Exterior loudspeakers are prohibited from commercial and industrial establishments and noise baffles are required on air handling equipment.
Chapter 115(A)
Skateboards regulated.
Chapter 132
Towing – Provides for licensing and regulation of service.
Chapter 114
Regulates maintenance of trees and shrubbery near streets.

Contact Information

For general questions in regards to required building permits, complaints, property history, or other information, please direct your email to
Theresa Bennett.

Edward J. Abel Sr.

Director of License and Inspection
[email protected] - x122

Theresa Bennett

Assistant Director of License & Inspection
[email protected] - x123