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Recycling Program
Recycling Map

Springfield Township is a leader in recycling in Pennsylvania and this can be attributed to the conscientious effort of many of our residents and the dedication of our sanitation department. By actively participating in the recycling program, you are helping to increase our PA DEP Grant which supports our recycling program. On a larger scale, you are participating in an effort to improve the community in which we live. Please continue to REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE AS MANY MATERIALS AS POSSIBLE.

Recycling Collection Schedule
Trash and recycling waste collection pick up is cancelled due to holidays and township closings. Please check the township calendar for more information. We ask that residents refrain from placing trash, recyclables or bulk items out on days the township is closed. Please hold items until the next scheduled pick up day.

The township is closed on the following holidays:

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King, Jr.

President’s Day Good Friday
Memorial Day Independence Day
Labor Day Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

Residential Recycling GuidelinesRecycling Containers

  1. Recyclable materials should be placed in the township provided yellow containers. Paper/cardboard in rectangular bin, glass, alum, plastics 1-7, cartons, (commingled) in round bin.

Recyclable Items

  1. Aluminum Cans - Empty; aerosol, non-aerosol, all-aluminum beverage and food containers, excluding products such as pie pans and aluminum foil.
  2. Cartons - Packaging for food either shelf stable, juice, milk, soup/broth, wine or refrigerated ie., milk, juice, cream egg substitutes.
  3. Bi-Metallic Cans - Empty; aerosol, non-aerosol steel or tin coated steel food and beverage containers.
  4. Clean Paper Products - Newspaper, magazines and periodicals, high-grade office paper, corrugated paper, junk mail, telephone books and paperback books.
  5. Glass - Plain, uncolored, or colored glass bottles, and jars. Expressly excluded from this definition of glass are blue glass, lead crystal, porcelain products, light bulbs, and tempered or plate glass.
  6. High-Grade Office Paper - All white papers, bond paper, and computer paper used in commercial, institutional and municipal establishments and in residences.
  7. Magazines and Periodicals - Printed matter containing miscellaneous written pieces published at fixed or varying intervals.
  8. Newspaper - paper of the type commonly referred to as newsprint.
  9. Rigid Plastics - Jugs and bottles with recycle symbol # 1 (check bottom).
  10. #1 - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) or (PET): soft drink and water bottles, beer bottles, mouthwash bottles, peanut butter and salad dressing containers.
  11. #2 - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE): milk jugs, water and juice containers
  12. liquid detergent bottles, yogurt and margarine tubs.
  13. #3 - Vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC): clear food packaging, shampoo bottles.
  14. #4 - Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE): squeezable bottles (e.g. honey, mustard).
  15. #5 - Polypropylene (PP): ketchup bottles, yogurt containers and margarine tubs, medicine bottles.
  16. #6 - Polystyrene (PS): aspirin bottles, cups, plates (no styrofoam products).
  17. #7 - Other: Use of this code indicates that the package in question is made with a resin other than the six listed above, or is made of more than one resin used in combination. Plastics such as three and five gallon reusable water bottles, some citrus juice and ketchup bottles, clear baby food containers.

Non-Recyclable Items
Garbage, broken glass, plastic bags, food waste, food tainted items such as used paper plates, paper towels or paper napkins, polystyrene (styrofoam) cups or plates, motor oil bottles, hazardous chemical containers, plastic toys or sporting goods, electronics or batteries, compact discs DVDs, foam egg cartons, light bulbs, hangers, or yard waste or garden tools.

For battery recycling, there are many places you can take your used batteries throughout Delaware County.

Several stores in our area that will take them are:

  1. Best Buy, Baltimore Pike
  2. Target, Baltimore Pike
  3. Radio Shack, Baltimore Pike
  4. Home Depot, Baltimore Pike, Clifton Heights
  5. Home Depot, Reed Road, Broomall
  6. Lowes, 116 West Township Line, Havertown ( Rechargeable Battery Recycling, Fluorescent Bulbs ie. tubes)

For more information, call 1-800-822-8837 or visit the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation website at

Commercial Businesses and Institutional Recycling Requirements

Persons occupying commercial and institutional establishments in Springfield Township are required to separate, from other waste, at least the following recyclable items: plastics 1-7; glass, bi-metallic cans; corrugated cardboard, paper; high grade office paper and yard waste/leaves.

All commercial and institutional establishments must develop a collection system for recyclables at their places of business and provide written documentation to the Township (required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the County of Delaware) of the number of tons recycled and of the total number of tons of waste generated annually.

This documentation can be obtained from the hauler and must be submitted to Springfield Township no later than February 1st of each year.

Multi-Family Properties Recycling Requirements

Persons occupying multi-family rental housing units are required to separate, from other waste, all clean paper products, cardboard, clear glass; colored glass; aluminum cans; steel and bi-metallic cans; plastics1-7 and cartons.

An owner, landlord or agent of an owner or a landlord of multi-family rental properties must provide a collection system for these recyclable materials at each property. The collection system must include suitable containers for collecting and sorting materials along with an easily accessible location for the containers and written instructions to the occupants.

Thank you to for your continued participation. If you have questions about how to dispose of a particular item, please call Springfield Township 610-544-1300. For other recycling or environmental inquiries, please contact The Pennsylvania Resource Council at 610-353-5199 or the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority at 610-892-9620.