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Mission Statement

Springfield Township Licenses & Inspections

The mission of the License and Inspection Department is to serve the residents of Springfield Township through the administration and enforcement of regulatory ordinances adopted by the Board of Commissioners to assure the health, safety, and welfare of everyone throughout the Township. Its mission is also to provide efficient and courteous service to all members of the community, and to be dedicated to the continued effort towards maintaining a secure and pleasant environment, while striving to enhance the quality of life that has become synonymous with Springfield Township.

All of the inspectors are certified in their respective disciplines and then some. This is the result of many hours in classes, seminars, training sessions, web-based training and national certification tests. Continuing Education is required for all of our inspectors.

The License and Inspection Division also coordinates inspections with the Health Department, Engineering, and Zoning to ensure compliance with all the applicable codes.

Building Permits are required for new construction of residential and commercial buildings as well as additions, sunrooms, renovations, garages, decks, porches, roofs, tool sheds, fences, retaining walls, driveway expansions, patios, signs and swimming pools.

The License and Inspection Department would like to remind residents that permits are required for all fences, tool sheds, patios and swimming pools. Permits come with at least one inspection that verifies the installation is done safely and correctly for the homeowner. Permits can take up to 10 working days for approval and issuance. Some general rules are spelled out here on how you can get your permits:

Provide a plot plan for what you want to do and what is already on your lot. Show the dimensions of your house, driveway, walkways, sheds, patios, etc. Show how far the structures are from your property lines. The more information you give us, the easier it is for us to review and understand.

SWIMMING POOLS: Any structure that holds more than 24″ of water is considered a swimming pool. Even if it is a “blow-up” or “PVC” structure pool, a pool permit is required. Pools have to be 10′ from your rear and side property lines, 8′ from your basement, crawl space or living space foundations. A minimum of a four foot high fence must surround the pool or entire yard.

DECKS: Need a complete construction detail that exhibits how the footings are connected to the posts, the posts to the beams, the joists to the beams, and the railing to the framing.

TOOL SHEDS: Sheds need to be placed on a concrete slab and can be no larger than 168 Square feet with one side no longer than 14′. To keep it simple, the largest shed you can have is about 12’x14′. Sheds can also be no higher than 10′.

PATIOS: A grading permit is required for patios. It does not matter it it is made of concrete, pavers, bricks, slate or other type of material.

FENCES: Fences can be no higher than 6′ and can go on the property line. Fences cannot be placed in the front yard, and some side yards of corner lots.

Applications and specific information for some permits are on the Online Forms section of the webpage. If you have any questions, please call our office,

The License and Inspection Office is open for permit submittals from 7:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. All permit applications are available on the Springfield Township Webpage at

Zoning Reviews will be completed with all permit reviews and Certificate of Use applications. Submission of an application for any type of permit, or review does not grant permission for the job to start. No work may start until the permit is issued.

All permits will be charged a $9.00 service fee in accordance with Act 13 of 2004 passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature. The Township is required to submit these fees to the Commonwealth on a quarterly basis to fund required training associated with the recently adopted Uniform Construction Code.

Do I Need A Permit?


  • New or re-roof installations
  • Driveway extensions, exclusive of overlays for residential properties only
  • New installation or replacement of steps, stoops, patios and decks
  • Replacement of windows and doors, provided that the framing of the windows or doors is rebuilt or altered.
  • Interior renovations or remodels
  • The erection of additions to a building
  • Repairs to structural elements of buildings and structures
  • The erection of fences or walls
  • The installation of above or in-ground pools
  • The erection of detached garages or tool sheds
  • Replacement or new installation of all waste lines (drains).
  • Installation of domestic water heaters
  • Installation of sump pumps & basement water proofing systems
  • Replacements or new installation of heating boilers, air-conditioning and furnaces
  • Any major heating or plumbing repairs
  • Any ductwork installation
  • All underground plumbing
  • All electrical work

While the above listing is basically comprehensive, it is not necessarily all-inclusive. If you have any specific question, contact the License and Inspections Department at 610-544-1300.

Upon completion you can request your Certificate of use to be faxed
or emailed to you in addition to mailing or picking up.

Township Code & Permit Highlights Subjects of Interest to Residents

NOTE: The highlights on this page are for informative purposes only.

Chapter 134 – Uniformed Construction Code

Sec. 1.10 & 11- Provides for fines for Township Code Violations

Chapter 138- Vehicle and traffic violation fines.

Sec. 143-135 – Provides for civil judgments for zoning ordinance violations.

Sec. 143.108(B) – Controls height of shrubbery or other objects at street intersections to 18 inches maximum.

Sec. 82.2 – Requires conspicuous display of house numbers. Numbers must be at least 3-1/2 inches high. Also refers to commercial establishments, office buildings, etc.

Chapter 36 – Prohibits dogs from running at large at any time. Dogs being walked must be on a leash. Droppings must be collected and disposed of sanitarily. All dogs must be inoculated against rabies and must wear a current tag.

Sec. 79-6A (11) – Requires cutting of grass, weeds and scrub growth in excess of 8 inches.

Sec. 120.6 – Requires snow removal from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall.

Sec. 36.21-23 – Responsibility of owners keeping cats.

Sec. 45.13 – Requires cutting of grass, weeds and shrub growth in excess of eight inches.

Sec. 120.6 – Requires snow removal from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall.

Sec. 54.3(B) 5&6 – Refuse containers and containers for recycling shall not be set out prior to sundown of the day before collection. Emptied containers must be removed from the street side of the premises within twelve hours after they have been emptied.

Sec 143.105 – Regulates height of fences and walls to six feet, except for a retaining wall or a permitted wall of a building.

Sec. 120AC & Sec. 120-2 – Requires property owners to maintain their sidewalks and curbs in a condition free of defects. Handicap ramps are required when constructing or reconstructing a curb

Sec. 45.11 – Bans oulioor burning, except for charcoal cooking.

Sec. 143-9 – Defines what is a commercial vehicle.

Sec. 138.27 – Prohibits parking of commercial vehicles on streets from 7:00P.M. to 7:00 A.M.

Chapter 65 – Requires all vendors and solicitors to be licensed.

Sec. 62.1 – Prohibits handbills and posters on trees, poles, fences and automobiles.

Chapter 31 – Requires all contractors to be licensed on an annual basis.

Chapter 143 – Zoning Code.

Chapter 77 – Anti noise provision – Established noise levels and limits or prohibits noise. Exterior loudspeakers are prohibited from commercial and industrial establishments and noise baffles are required on air handling equipment.

Chapter 115(A) – Skateboards regulated.

Chapter 132 – Towing – Provides for licensing and regulation of service.

Chapter 114 – Regulates maintenance of trees and shrubbery near streets.

Contractors Licenses

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has enacted and instituted the Home Improvement Contractors Registration. This has taken the ability to license home improvement contractors out of the Township’s hands and placed it into a Commonwealth-wide License. A link has been provided for homeowners to search for contractors. Plumbers and Electricians must still register with the Township. All contractors including but not limited to fire prevention, specialty contractors, home improvement contractors, grading, roofing, painting and tree surgeons must still file their insurance certificate with the Township providing both general liability and workers compensation insurance. The Department employees can not recommend contractors to a resident.

The Property Maintenance Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Ordinances pertaining to rental housing, property maintenance and existing structures.

We respond to citizen complaints concerning property maintenance (i.e. snow removal, abandoned vehicles, conditions of buildings, commercial vehicles, etc.). We inspect all rental houses and apartment buildings on a yearly basis. We make sure the public sidewalks are clear of bushes, tree branches and tripping hazards.

Complaints that are received are handled as quickly as possible. Written notices are our first line of communication. If you receive a violation notice and are unsure of the issue, please call and we will answer your question or visit your property to explain the violation in detail. We are aware that receiving a violation notice is not a pleasant experience, however; we want to make sure that we preserve the health, welfare and safety of all residents and we are willing to work with residents to achieve this endeavor.

Contact Information

For general questions in regards to required building permits, complaints, property history, or other information, please direct your email to:

Permit Application

Click on the link above to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. All forms can also be found under Online Forms.

File NameAction
Contractor's LicenseDownload
Building Permit-Alterations, Roofs, Garages, Etc.Download
Building Permit-New Construction, Commercial & ResidentialDownload
Building Regulations FormDownload
Certificate of Occupancy-CommercialDownload
Certificate of Use-ResidentialDownload
Certificate of Use-RentalDownload
Certificate of Use-Rental RequirementsDownload
Certificate of Use RequirementsDownload
Contractor's Business Privilege LicenseDownload
Contractor's Business Privilege Tax FormDownload
Demolition PermitDownload
Electrical PermitDownload
Electronic-Mechanical DevicesDownload
Fee ScheduleDownload
Fence PermitDownload
Fire Marshall/FirePreventionDownload
Grading PermitDownload
Mechanical PermitDownload
Plot Plan For Fence PermitDownload
Plot Plan For HomeDownload
Plumbing Contractor's LicenseDownload
Plumbing PermitDownload
Pool RequirementsDownload
Pool PermitDownload
Approved Street Tree ListDownload
Shed RequirementsDownload
Shed PermitDownload
Sign PermitDownload
Zoning Hearing Board ApplicationDownload

License Application

All forms can also be found under Online Forms.

File NameAction
Board of Health Certification Schedule Download
Eating & Drinking Download
Retail  Download
Guide For Temporary EventsDownload
Board of Health Plan Review Long ApplicationDownload
Board of Health Plan Review Short ApplicationDownload

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