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Mailing Addresses

AMBULANCERick Henshey, President, 201 Saxer Ave
Dave McHenry, Vice President, 201 Saxer Ave
AUDITORSJames DeLizzio, 532 Barry Drive
Joseph T. Rago, 221 School Lane
Eric Klein, 360 Lynn Road
BUILDINGS AND GROUNDSRobert Sinkinson, 1171 West Avenue
BUSINESS TAX AGENTAnne Marie Pellegrino, Business Tax Agent, 50 Powell Road
CHIEF OF POLICEJoseph Daly, 50 Powell Road
CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSIONJudy Wright, 308 S. Bishop Ave
Francis Grady, 445 Foulke Lane
Daniel Kelly, 1054 West Ave
Lauran Dugan, 205 School Lane
Committee Website
Bo Elia, 467 E. Springfield Road
John Zygmunt, 47 N. Rolling Road
James Davis, 18 N. Norwinden Drive
Dave Drager, 212 E. Woodland Ave
Kim Padley Wood, 1 W. Sproul Road
Susan Warner (Township Liaison), 225 Avon Road
DISTRICT JUSTICEJames J. Merkins, Jr., 56 Powell Road
Michael Culp, 56 Powell Road
TOWNSHIP ENGINEERJoseph Mastronardo, 50 Powell Road
EMERGENCY MANAGEMENTJohn Pietrafitta, 109 Parkview Drive
Stephen Edwards, Sr., 50 Powell Road
FINANCE DIRECTORStephen W. Cafferty, 438 Briarhill Road
FIRE COMPANYRobert Fanelli, President, 217 Saxer Ave
Mark Sherwood, Sr., Chief, 217 Saxer Ave
Thomas Foran, Deputy Chief, 217 Saxer Ave
FIRE MARSHALLee Fulton, 90 S. Rolling Road
Mark Sherwood, 265 School Lane
Keith Thomas, 319 Parham Road
PARKS & REC DIRECTORJames Simpson, 954 Springhaven Road
GOLF ADVISORY BOARDDomenico Basile, 424 Burns Drive
Michael Simpson, 42 Worrell Drive
Timothy DiBernardino, 653 Cheyney Road
Michael Placido, 107 S. Norwinden Drive
Michael Thompson, 694 Yale Ave
Sam Adolph, 257 W. Leamy Ave
Randy Hess (Golf Course Sup't.), 222 Sedgewood Road
HEALTH DEPARTMENTSusan Warner (Health Officer), 225 Avon Road
LIBRARY BOARDLee J. Janiczek, Ed.D., 485 Barker Road
Bridget Gillen, 507 Old Schoolhouse Drive
Regina Scheerer, 34 Old State Road
Marianne P. Revello, 305 Butler Road
Mrs. Margaret Wagner, 206 Sunnybrook Road
Robert Wilson, 249 Franklin Ave
Cynthia Silberstein, 929 Stoneybrook Road
Christine Rushton (Library Director), 70 Powell Road
LICENSE AND INSPECTIONSEd Abel (Director), 50 Powell Road
Theresa Bennett (Asst. Director-Prop. Maintenance), 212 Powell Road
PARK & RECREATION BOARDAmy Foran, 121 S. Rolling Road
Thomas Grubb, 551 Prospect Road
Patrick Warner, 225 Avon Road
Megan Cortese, 104 Longview Drive
Robert Hornberger, 599 N. Bishop Ave
Thomas McKeon, 132 N. Highland Road
PARK SUPERINTENDENTFrank Pappa, 109 Morton Road
PAYROLL & PENSIONHolly Neff, 50 Powell Road
PLANNING COMMISSIONFrank Gorgone, 285 School Lane
Jeff DiBlasi, 412 Garden Road
Ed McManamy, 901 Stewart Ave
Kate Schramm, 346 Wyndmoor Road
Nicholas Kutufaris, 124 Parkview Drive
Anthony Gagliardi, 408 Valley View Road
Michael Markunas, 50 Powell Road
PUBLIC WORKSBurt Lawley, 1258 Church Road
SHADE TREE COMMISSIONJohn Caramanico, 675 Beatty Road
Robert Sinkinson, Tree Warden, 1171 West Ave
SOLICITORJames J. Byrne, Jr. Esq., 740 Kelli Lane
TOWNSHIP MANAGERJ. Lee Fulton, 90 S. Rolling Road
ASSISTANT TOWNSHIP MANAGERStephen Lucas, 300 Summit Road
TRAFFIC SIGNAL MAINTENANCERobert J. Artese, 818 Sheffield Drive
TREASURER/TAX COLLECTORCarol Miller, 50 Powell Road
ZONING HEARING BOARDCraig Gardner, 1009 North Avenue
Matthew Mingey, 819 Rhoads Drive
Paul Kutufaris, 80 S. Hillcrest Road
Nicholas Orloff, 332 Hawarden Road
Joseph Arrel, 603 Farmhouse Circle
John Dunfee (Alternate Member), 534 Hawarden Road
Mark McGann (Alternate Member), 427 Burns Drive
John McBlain, Esq., 50 Powell Road

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