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Springfield Township

Delaware County

Planning Commission Meeting Agenda & Minutes

AgendaAgenda LinkMinutesMinutes Link
Agenda for January 4, 2024Download
Agenda for December 7, 2023Download
Agenda for September 7, 2023DownloadDRAFT Minutes for September 7, 2023Download
Agenda for July 6, 2023DownloadMinutes for July 6, 2023Download
Agenda for January 5, 2023DownloadMinutes for January 5, 2023Download
Agenda for December 1, 2022DownloadMinutes for December 1, 2022Download
Agenda for November 3, 2022DownloadMinutes for November 3, 2022Download
Agenda for September 1, 2022DownloadMinutes for September 1, 2022Download
Agenda for July 14, 2022DownloadMinutes for July 14, 2022Download
Agenda for February 3, 2022DownloadMinutes for February 3, 2022Download
Agenda for November 4th 2021DownloadMinutes for November 4th 2021Download
Agenda for October 7th 2021DownloadMinutes for October 7th 2021Download
Agenda for September 2nd 2021DownloadMinutes for September 2nd 2021Download
Agenda for June 3rd 2021DownloadMinutes for June 3rd 2021Download
Agenda for May 6th 2021DownloadMinutes for May 6th 2021Download
Agenda for March 4th 2021DownloadMinutes for March 4th 2021Download
Agenda for January 7th 2021DownloadMinutes for January 7th 2021Download
Minutes for December 3rd 2020DownloadMinutes for December 3rd 2020Download
Minutes for November 5th 2020DownloadMinutes for November 5th 2020Download
Minutes for June 4th 2020DownloadMinutes for June 4th 2020Download
Minutes for December 5th 2019DownloadMinutes for December 5th 2019Download
Minutes for August 1st 2019DownloadMinutes for August 1st 2019Download
Minutes for March 7th 2019DownloadMinutes for March 7th 2019Download
Minutes for December 6th 2018DownloadMinutes for December 6th 2018Download
Minutes for September 6th 2018DownloadMinutes for September 6th 2018Download
Minutes for August 16th 2018No AgendaMinutes for August 16th 2018Download
Minutes for June 7th 2018No AgendaMinutes for June 7th 2018Download
Minutes for May 3rd 2018DownloadMinutes for May 3rd 2018Download
Minutes for April 5th 2018DownloadMinutes for April 5th 2018Download
Minutes for February 1st 2018DownloadMinutes for February 1st 2018Download
Minutes for November 2nd 2017DownloadMinutes for November 2nd 2017Download
Minutes for October 5th 2017DownloadMinutes for October 5th 2017Download
Minutes for June 1st 2017DownloadMinutes for June 1st 2017Download
Minutes for May 4th 2017DownloadMinutes for May 4th 2017Download
Minutes for March 2nd 2017DownloadMinutes for March 2nd 2017Download
Minutes for January 5th 2017DownloadMinutes for January 5th 2017Download

Archived Minutes

AgendaAgenda LinkMinutesMinutes Link
Agenda for 2-7-08DownloadMinutes for 2-7-2008Download
Agenda for 2-21-08DownloadMinutes for 2-21-2008Download
Agenda for 3-6-2008DownloadMinutes for 3-6-2008Download
Agenda for 4-3-2008DownloadMinutes for 4-3-2008Download
Agenda for 4-7-2008DownloadMinutes for 4-7-2008Download
Agenda for 5-1-2008DownloadMinutes for 5-1-2008Download
Agenda for 6-5-2008DownloadMinutes for 6-5-2008Download
Agenda for 10-2-2008DownloadMinutes for 10-2-2008Download
Agenda for 11-6-2008DownloadMinutes for 11-6-2008No Data
Agenda for 1-8-2009DownloadMinutes for 1-8-2009Download
Agenda for 2-5-2009DownloadMinutes for 2-5-2009Download
Agenda for 4-2-2009DownloadMinutes for 4-2-2009Download
Agenda for 5-7-2009DownloadMinutes for 5-7-2009Download
Agenda for 6-4-2009DownloadMinutes for 6-4-2009Download
Agenda for 9-3-2009DownloadMinutes for 9-3-2009No Data
Agenda for 10-1-2009DownloadMinutes for 10-1-2009Download
Agenda for 11-5-2009DownloadMinutes for 11-5-2009Download
Agenda for 12-3-2009DownloadMinutes for 12-3-2009Download
Agenda for 1-7-2010DownloadMinutes for 1-7-2010Download
Agenda for 3-4-2010DownloadMinutes for 3-4-2010Download
Agenda for 6-3-2010DownloadMinutes for 6-3-2010Download
Agenda for 9-2-2010DownloadMinutes for 9-2-2010No Data
Agenda for 10-7-2010DownloadMinutes for 10-7-2010Download
Agenda for 11-4-2010DownloadMinutes for 11-4-2010Download
Agenda for 3-3-2011DownloadMinutes for 3-3-2011Download
Agenda for 7-7-2011DownloadMinutes for 7-7-2011Download
Agenda for 8-4-2011DownloadMinutes for 8-4-2011Download
Agenda for 9-1-2011DownloadMinutes for 9-1-2011Download
Agenda for 10-6-2011DownloadMinutes for 10-6-2011Download
Agenda for 12-1-2011DownloadMinutes for 12-1-2011Download
Agenda for 3-1-2012DownloadMinutes for 3-1-2012Download
Agenda for 5-3-2012DownloadMinutes for 5-3-2012Download
Agenda for 6-7-2012DownloadMinutes for 6-7-2012Download
Agenda for 6-21-2012DownloadMinutes for 6-21-2012Download
Agenda for 7-26-2012DownloadMinutes for 7-26-2012Download
Agenda for 12-6-2012DownloadMinutes for 12-6-2012Download
Agenda for 1-3-2013DownloadMinutes for 1-3-2013Download
Agenda for 2-7-2013DownloadMinutes for 2-7-2013Download
Agenda for 5-2-2013DownloadMinutes for 5-2-2013Download
Agenda for 6-6-2013DownloadMinutes for 6-6-2013Download
Agenda for 7-11-2013DownloadMinutes for 7-11-2013No Data
Agenda for 12-5-2013DownloadMinutes for 12-5-2013No Data
Agenda for 3-6-2014DownloadMinutes for 3-6-2014Download
Agenda for 4-3-2014DownloadMinutes for 4-3-2014No Data
Agenda for 5-1-2014No DataMinutes for 5-1-2014Download
Agenda for 6-26-2014No DataMinutes for 6-26-2014Download
Agenda for 7-31-2014DownloadMinutes for 7-31-2014Download
Agenda for 9-4-2014DownloadMinutes for 9-4-2014Download
Agenda for 4-2-2015DownloadMinutes for 4-2-2015Download
Agenda for 7-9-2015DownloadMinutes for 7-9-2015Download
Agenda for 9-2-2015DownloadMinutes for 9-2-2015Download
Agenda for 10-1-2015DownloadMinutes for 10-1-2015Download
Agenda for 2-4-2016DownloadMinutes for 2-4-2016Download
Agenda for 3-3-2016No DataMinutes for 3-3-2016Download
Agenda for 4-7-2016DownloadMinutes for 4-7-2016Download
Agenda for 6-2-2016DownloadMinutes for 6-2-2016Download
Agenda for 8-4-2016No DataMinutes for 8-4-2016Download
Agenda for 9-1-2016No DataMinutes for 9-1-2016Download
Agenda for 11-3-2016DownloadMinutes for 11-3-2016Download
Agenda for 11-10-2016DownloadMinutes for 11-10-2016Download