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Public Works

The Springfield Township Public Works Department does not accept any electronics or TV's to be dropped off at any township facility.

The Public Works Department consists of :

  • 12 Highway Department Members
  • 16 Sanitation Department Members
  • 3 Sanitation Sewer Department Members
  • 3 Mechanics
  • 4 Supervisors

Specifically, the Public Works crew are typically called upon to:

  • Repair Township road surfaces
  • Install and maintain regulatory street signs
  • Maintain sanitary and storm sewers
  • Provide for snow removal
  • Collect recycling single stream
  • Provide Township leaf collection
  • Provide twice weekly trash collection

Maintenance Department:

  • Maintains a fleet of 80 vehicles & heavy equipment
  • Normal Hours of Operation 7:00am to 3:30pm Weekdays
  • During off hours there is a Supervisor on call through the Police Department

If you have an emergency, dial 911

Burt Lawley

Jeff Lawler

Joe Plunkett

Leaf Burning Prohibited

Leaf burning is prohibited in Springfield. Please rake your leaves to a position inside the sidewalk. Do not rake the leaves past the sidewalk to the curb where they will clog the gutters and storm drains.

Leaves can be raked as illustrated or composted in your back yard. The schedule for leaf collection will be published on the website and social media and shown on Springfield’s Cable TV Channel.

After the scheduled collection period has passed, leaves may be bagged and put out on your regular trash days.

Thank You For Your Cooperation

By actively participating in the recycling program, you are helping to increase state grant money, which supports our recycling program.

On a larger scale, you are participating in an effort to improve the community in which we live. Please continue to REDUCE, REUSE AND

RECYCLE AS MANY MATERIALS AS POSSIBLE. Thank you to all residents for your cooperation. If you have questions about how to dispose of a particular item, please call 610-543-2837.

For other environmental inquiries, please contact The Pennsylvania Resource Council at 610-353-5199.