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Township Updates

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Hello, the following is an important message from the Springfield Police Department. As part of their efforts to defraud citizens, scam artists have the capability to clone phone numbers from private and government agencies. On receiving these calls your phone will identify the number as coming from a legitimate organization.

Despite what appears to be a legitimate source the goal is always the same to defraud you of money by requiring the purchase of a gift card, remote access to your computer, bitcoins, or the wiring of funds.

No Government Agency accepts money through any of these outlets. If you are confused or unsure of what to do hang up and call the Police. No legal entity will ever deny you seeking verification. Thank You.

Message from the Chief

An integral part of our township-wide “Quality of Life” initiative is enforcing existing parking regulations throughout the community. We have noticed an increase of vehicles parking on sidewalks, blocking fire lanes, ignoring posted time limits and violating designated handicapped spaces. To some this may seem petty but these issues contribute to a decline in our quality of life, compromise public safety and have led to a total disregard for those individuals that do comply with the law. Historically the police have been charged with parking enforcement and will continue to participate. However, in today’s world the police are more effective dealing with more urgent calls throughout the town. In order to best address this matter the Township has created a “Parking Enforcement Unit” in the License & Inspection Department. This is being done with existing personnel and will not result in new employees. Individuals assigned to this unit have been advised to be fair, consistent and reasonable in doing their job. They will try to minimize the negative effects associated with parking enforcement. We appreciate your cooperation.

Tree Planting/Landscaping Instructions

Trees should be planted in a hole large enough for the entire root ball, where the top of the roots are level with the ground. Mulch should never touch the bark or trunk of the tree. It's ok to use mulch, as long as it is not touching the tree trunk and it is spread in a thin layer under the canopy of the tree. The proper way to plant a tree is readily available information - see link below for instructions.